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26 Apr

Welcome to my new blog!

I have moved to WordPress and started a new blog, this time in English. Hopefully this will reach more people than my Norwegian blog, plus English is almost a second language to me. (My old blog A hint of luxury)
The blog will primarily be about nail polish (hence the name) and my obsession with this! I love it and in about a year I have gotten quite a large collection. The blog will also feature some non nail polish items, this will most likely change as I change what my obsessions are. At the moment I am hooked on Polyvore, so expect to see some sets posted.

I appreciate feedback and if you swing by please leave a comment, about a post, just to say hi (and leave a link to your blog) or suggestions about what future posts should be about.
Here are some ideas I have for upcoming posts:

  • Buying nail polish online
  • YouTube videos, makeup and nail polish
  • New polishes
  • My collection
  • And of course NOTDs, I take pictures of all my manis and will post pictures here.