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NOTD OPI Yodel Me On My Cell

26 Mar


A quick post of an Instagram picture of the OPI from the 2010 Swiss winter collection. The color is a bit flatter in real life, the filter I’ve used gives it more depth. I love the color, hate the formula! OPI doesn’t do blue shimmers very well, it is watery and hard to work with.

Camera: iPhone4
Light: daylight, inside bus
Instagram filter: X-Pro II

NOTD Chanel 479 Kaleidoscope

24 Mar

This polish is in my top 20 favorites! I love it. I’m not sure why i’s named Kaleidoscope as I associate that with colors, and this is a mix of gold and steel (not exactly a color but I’m sure you understand). I got it on sale at a local beaty store, I passed on it at first because of price and am glad that I came across it on sale. I rarely wear anything other than untrieds but I come back to this (and a handful of others) often. My obsession with untrieds do affect the fact that I rarely use my exstensive collection, and my untrieds drawer in my Helmer is growing faster than I can wear them! (I’m sure other bloggers and polish lovers can relate!)

I can’t remember any information about coats and application, this is an old picture I found in my Picasa album and wanted to share with you. But I do recall it was easier to apply than other Chanels I have (Ballerina and Tulip Noir).

Light:Outside, sunshine in afternoon.
Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 80.

NOTD Color Club Ultra Violet

11 Mar

I’m still here and no baby yet… Even if I have lots of time on my hand, I’ve not really been up to blogging much (or anything else for that matter…). I’m sorry for this and hope my readers will not leave me permanently – I will come back stronger!

Over to the polish. A beautiful light violet with green shimmer, could it be any more beautiful than this? It is the perfect colour for spring. It’s from the Electro Candy Collection, that came out summer 09. I know, I know, I’m not really going through my untrieds very fast… Because I have been very strict lately and only worn my untrieds since christmas.
I love the colour and the formula was not all bad, but still had to add 4 coats before I was satisfied. Polish was not runny or anything, just not very colour saturated.

Just wondering, anyone else with a British background (either from there or learned to write the British way) want to write Colour Club? I have to, almost without fail, change when writing the name 🙂

Coats: 1 coat OPI Nail Envy, CND Stickey, 4 coats CC UV, 1 coat Nubar Diamont and 2 drops OPI Drip Dry drops.
Light: Daylight, sunlight.

NOTD Sinful Coco Diamond

18 Feb

I must say I like this one. It was my Valentines Day mani. I have had this in my untrieds for a long time and as one of my readers wanted to see some Sinfuls this was a goot fit for V Day. I love the shimmer/glitter, it is what makes the polish – as the color itself is not that unique. It is so far the best of the Sinfuls I have, not as runny and thin as the others, and it looked good after three coats even if I ended up with some VNL… (I always find the VNL is more visible on day 2, anyone else find this?)

Coats: 1 CND Stickey, 3 coats Sinful CD, 1 coat Nubar Diamont and 2 drops OPI Drip Dry drops.
Light: Daylight, sun.

NOTD China Glaze Vampy

20 Oct

A vampy color for the vampy season, perfect color for autum. In these pictures you see the vampyness in the first picture and the gorgeous shimmer in the second. The dent I have no idea how got there, it just got there. Too bad I didn’t notice it when just got there as I could have used my Orly Smudge Fixer. It is still unused and that is not a bad thing, but hoped to try it 🙂

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 2 Vampy and 1 Nubar Diamont.


18 Oct

I got this in a swap and fell in love immediately. The beauty of the color is not shown entierly in these photoes, it has tons of beautiful purple and blue shimmer in a blue base. The shimmer is borderline glitter, it is big. The light is changing here, so I’m having a harder time getting good pictures – we’re getting closer to winter and that means shorter days and less time for gettting good pictures.

The polish is from the same collection as I Only Drink Champagne, Night Brights.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 3 Ink and 1 Nubar Diamont.

NOTD – OPI I Only Drink Champagne

12 Oct

Well I don’t only drink champagne (no alcohol at the moment…) but I love this polish! One of the few in my collection I’ve worn more than once (too many untrieds!) and this weekend it was for a special occasion. My sister celebrated her wedding and as this is her favorite so we both wore this on Saturday.

Polish is from OPI Night Brights from 2007 – same collection as My Private Jet is from. It is a suprisingly opaque golden champagne color with sparkly shimmer. The shimmer is mostly yellow/golden but in some lights you can see some blue and red shades – but it is very sparsly.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 2 IODC and 1 Nubar Diamont.