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NOTD OPI Yodel Me On My Cell

26 Mar


A quick post of an Instagram picture of the OPI from the 2010 Swiss winter collection. The color is a bit flatter in real life, the filter I’ve used gives it more depth. I love the color, hate the formula! OPI doesn’t do blue shimmers very well, it is watery and hard to work with.

Camera: iPhone4
Light: daylight, inside bus
Instagram filter: X-Pro II

NOTD Misa Right Here Now, No More Later

4 Feb

I love this blue (if you read my blog you’ll know how much!). A delicate cornflower creme blue perfect for spring. It is an old Misa, I could find any info about it and it’s not in their core collection (according to their website, http://www.misacosmetics.com). And it’s a lovely light creme perfect for the coming season! Picture is taken quite some time ago so can’t remember much about the application – other than I’ve done it in the dark (at least it looks like it!)

Coats: 1 coat OPI Nail Envy, 1 coat Orly Bonder, 3 coats Misa and 1 coat Nubar Diamont.
Light: Outside, overcast.
Camera: Canon Ixus

NOTD Sinful Gorgeous

2 Mar

Ahh, duochromes how I love thee. The duochrome in this polish is not the most visible, but the more I looked at it and the pictures the more I have to say it’s a duochrome. As it is neither green nor blue, but a great combination of my two favorite polish colors 🙂 Any color that looks like it belongs in a peacocks feathers is all right by me!

This is the last of my Sinfuls and so far my favorite to apply. This was not as runny and thin as the others and I found it was easy to apply. A person better at applying could’ve got away with only two coats.

Coats: 1 CND Stickey, 3 coats Sinful Gorgeous, 1 coat Nubar Diamont and 2 drops OPI Drip Dry drops.
Light: Daylight, overcast.

NOTD OPI Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees

27 Jan

From the OPI De Espana winter 09/10 collection. This is actually the only one I bought from the collection, not because it was a boring collection but it just didn’t appeal that much to me.

I said in the Sapphire in the Snow post that I thought this polish is a darker more muted version than the Sapphire… It is darker yes and in the same range (muted, blackish in some light). But its no cousin!
Suzy Skis is very dark and as you can see from my pictures is it nearly impossible to get a picture of it that doesn’t make it look like black… It is not black and not blue, it is a dark bluish charcoal. The pictures in this post are the best ones I could get, my camera does not take good pictures of blues – which is not that convinient as I love blues and have many of them!

Coats: 1 OPI Nail Envy, 1 Orly Bonder, 3 coats OPI SSitP, 1 coat Orly Glosser and 2 drops OPI Drip Dry drops.
Light: Daylight, afternoon sun.

I also started a new routine using new products (see from the post about the TD package). This worked well, but I had some problems with bubbles. Have had very few problems with this before, so am thinking it was something with the products I used:

Really liked the Drip Dry drops, but will try it with a fast dry tc next time – maybe that will help with the bubbles? To be continued…
(The grey little blob in between the Glosser and polish is my husbands African Grey parrot that was interested in what I was doing.)

Christmas NOTD – OPI Sapphire in the Snow

17 Dec

Polish is from the 2009 OPI Holiday collection. And what a gorgeous polish it is! It is a dark indigo, or blurple (blue purple) if you like… If I had better application skills it would have been a one coater, but I always find cremes hard to work with. It is in some way the more colorful cousin of OPI Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, they are both dark, muted and almost black in some lights. It is perfect for this time of year.

More christmas NOTDs to come, I want to try a glitter gradient mani and a candy cane mani. Hopefully this will be good enough to take pictures off, am not that good at nail art… Plus some normal NOTDs coming (including some ChG Wizards of Ohh Ahs!)

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 1 coat CND Stikey, 2 coats SitS and 1 Nubar Diamont.
Light: Inside with artificial light. In order to get the color right my hands look very yellow. Hopefully I’ll get some daylight pictures during my holiday break, I have over 2 weeks off during the holidays. Yay!

NOTD China Glaze Meteor Shower

1 Dec

This autumn China Glaze came out with 50 new glitter polishes and as a first haul I got three polishes, not surprisingly in the dark category 🙂 Will have swatches of the two others later in the week.

Meteor Shower has a dark blue base (the kind that looks black in some light) with blue, green and some copper glitter. It is stunning! The polish is not smooth, but I’m sure with more layers of top coat it would be smoother. I included a blurry picture to show the glitter better. In the pictures it looks like the polish is not even, that seems to be a optical illusion – it is even IRL.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 3 coats Meteor Shower and 1 Nubar Diamont.
Light: Inside with artificial light.

NOTD Essie Starry Starry Night, now with matching earrings!

22 Nov

I love this! It is one of my favorite polishes of all time and I now have the matching earrings 🙂 They are made with the polish (how I have no idea!) and is bought from the lovely Tracey of GingerKittyDesigns. You can find her store on Etsy.

Now onto why I love this. Blue is my favorite color and paired with the gorgeous glitter – the silver glitter layered in the blue polish gives it a depth. It is semi-smooth and with another topcoat it might have been even more shiny, and with better application it could’ve been perfect.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 3 coats SSN and 1 Nubar Diamont.


18 Oct

I got this in a swap and fell in love immediately. The beauty of the color is not shown entierly in these photoes, it has tons of beautiful purple and blue shimmer in a blue base. The shimmer is borderline glitter, it is big. The light is changing here, so I’m having a harder time getting good pictures – we’re getting closer to winter and that means shorter days and less time for gettting good pictures.

The polish is from the same collection as I Only Drink Champagne, Night Brights.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 3 Ink and 1 Nubar Diamont.

NOTD OPI Glacier Bay Blues

26 Jun

OPi Glacier Bay Blues

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

Duochromes rock! This particular one is from OPIs Canadian collection (fall 2004) and is gorgeous. It is a blue/green duo and does live up to its name as water from a glacier is green… In the top photos you see the green, the best picture I could get of the ‘duochromeness’ is the bottom one. I need more practice getting these sort of pictures right.

The polish was ok, a bit runny (as most old OPIs are) and therefore somewhat difficult to work with when you are used to the new more gloopy polishes.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 3 GBB and 1 Nubar Diamont.

New OPI Matte collection

8 Jun

Head over to All Laquered Up for swatches of the new OPI Matte collection, 6 of their iconic colors in matte formula. Collection goes on sale in July.

I want Licoln Park after Dark and Russian Navy, what do you want?