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NOTD Glitter season

15 Dec

So you thought I’d disappeared? I’m still here, but my nails are seriously neglected… And so is the blog as well, so was very pleased to find the WordPress app for iPhone. The iPhone’s not got the best camera, but at least there will be more chance of me blogging.

But on to the main attraction. The lovely glitter you see is the Rescue Beauty Lounge Look Rich be Cheap. I got it in the annual half price sale they have, still expensive but so worth it!
It is a gold and purple glitter in a clear base. This was four layers, with two topcoats for shine.
Picture is taken in Instagram, my new favorite app- so colors on skin are a bit weird but you see the glitter. In real life you see a bit more purple.


26 Apr

Welcome to my new blog!

I have moved to WordPress and started a new blog, this time in English. Hopefully this will reach more people than my Norwegian blog, plus English is almost a second language to me. (My old blog A hint of luxury)
The blog will primarily be about nail polish (hence the name) and my obsession with this! I love it and in about a year I have gotten quite a large collection. The blog will also feature some non nail polish items, this will most likely change as I change what my obsessions are. At the moment I am hooked on Polyvore, so expect to see some sets posted.

I appreciate feedback and if you swing by please leave a comment, about a post, just to say hi (and leave a link to your blog) or suggestions about what future posts should be about.
Here are some ideas I have for upcoming posts:

  • Buying nail polish online
  • YouTube videos, makeup and nail polish
  • New polishes
  • My collection
  • And of course NOTDs, I take pictures of all my manis and will post pictures here.