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My passion for color and fumes :-)

16 Jan
Passion for color and fumes

Passion for color and fumes by akkure on

Somewhat of a non-post I guess, but really wanted to post something tonight and as I have no new swatches at the moment and it is to dark to take a picture of my new purchases I give you this. I like Polyvore but for some reason always feel like a teenager when I’m on it :-/

I am trying to get the blog up and running again, with some posts coming next week and hopefully some swatches. I am really into darker shades at the moment, most likely because it is so dark here – And that means limited daylight for swatching… Untrieds will be up tomorrow and am thinking about adding a page on swapping, as I’m sure we all have lots of polishes that others would appreciate more 🙂