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Blogging vs life, something has to give…

23 Feb

So in my first weekly goals post I stated that I would have two posts up last week. But no posts came up due to two things: 1) I just made drafts and 2) then got sick and had to care for a sick baby and myself. This is just another example of me not managing to do all I want and something has to give. Unfortunatly last week it was the blog. And then I started work on Monday and I have been shattered when coming home. I was last at work one year ago so it is quite different from the days I’m used to.

I hope this time management issue I have now will resolve itself and that I can manage to continue blogging (as I do think I have readers, and will hopefully get more as I start blogging more).

But I did manage to do two of my three weekly goals, I had a great time (despite sickness) at home with my little girl and I have started my project of updating my nail wheels for a nail wheel post later in spring (need good lighting!).

Have a great day 🙂


16 Jan
  • China Glaze Grape Pop
  • Claire’s Periwinkle
  • Depend #058 (Lilac frost with mulicolored glitter)
  • Depend Purple crackle effect #5005
  • Essie Bahama Mama
  • Isadora #801 Black Tag Graffiti Nail Top (crackle effect)
  • Nubar Earth
  • Nubar Teal Glitter
  • OPI Dazzle Me
  • OPI Absolutely Alice
  • OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui
  • OPI Yodel Me On My Cell
  • OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
  • OPI Cuckoo for this Color
  • OPI Glitzerland
  • OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
  • Orly Witch’s Blue
  • Orly OMG
  • Orly Fifty-Four
  • Piggy Polish Wild Side
  • Precision After Dinner Mints
  • RBL Scrangie
  • RBL Drifter
  • Sinful Daddys Girl
  • Zoya Kotori
  • Viva La Diva #109 (Gunmetal grey with microglitter)
  • Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost

I know I keep pushing this list on to you, but just want to see if there is anything my readers would want to see. But if you don’t have any preferences I’ll be fine picking my next mani myself 🙂

As you see there are a lot of changes here from my previous untrieds list. Some have been manis, some pedis, some I’ve liked, some not so much and some are still untried. But I haven’t blogged about all of them. Will try and do better!

NOTD Orly Pixie Dust, and I’m back!

21 Jul

So having a little baby to take care of have so far kept me busy busy busy. But she is now going to bed around seven and sleeping through the night, which means I have some time to myself in the evenings. I will try and blog about two/three times a week, enjoy! And have a new blog design, fitting with pink when you have a little girl (who have not experienced the joy of polish yet, her dad would kill me if I put some on her…) Some of my posts that are coming in August are my nail wheels, am updating them now 🙂 Never counted my polishes but have at least 10 wheels I think.

On to the pictures, can’t really remember a lot about this polish other than I loved the grey and the sparkles, it was sunny when I took the pictures and that it was a multiple coater. But then again I am allergic to VNL…

No NOTD, but have a BABY :-)

26 Apr

It’s been some time since my last post and the reason is my little girl. Never did I think such a little creature would take up all my time! But she does and I love it 🙂
So that means no time for any manis or any proper posts. I have NOTD pics taken before the birth, will try to post them soon. And will post some new ones when I get time to do my nails! Last mani was just before the birth and I wore $OPI Run with it.

See you around, I haven’t forgotten about you 🙂

The bulge :-)

19 Feb

And this is the reason for infrequent posting. I have just started my maternity leave (am 37 weeks along in the picture). I have had quite a lot of lower back pain and not done much other than going to work the last couple of weeks, even the thought of doing my nails (other than maintanance) and posting has been too much. So will probably be a bit infrequent posting in the coming weeks as well – but will keep you updated and hopefully get some NOTD posts for you 🙂

Updated blog with new page

14 Nov

Just updated the blog with a new page called Top 20. It has some pictures, and my project now is to update it with pictures of all 20. Enjoy 🙂

Missing camera…

2 Nov

So after some days away I was ready to post and raring to go. Only to find that my camera has gone missing… I have no idea where it is, and neither does dear husband who had his hands on it last. So no new NOTD just yet, need to take out the other camera and start the nail painting. Got some new polishes I want to show you as well, been some great weeks with lot’s of new pretties arriving in the post 🙂

Updated Links page

23 Oct

Check out my page with Links, I just updated it with about 50 new polish blogs. Enjoy 🙂

I’m back!

5 Oct

So after a very long break I’m back and am using again 🙂  I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but sitting in front of a computer has been a challenge and as I work in front of one all day I’ve had no energy for anything else.
Had my first many the other day, Nubar Peacock Feathers. Sadly no picture, I’m terribly out of shape and it was not deemed good enough for broadcast. PF was very watery, and even with three coats it wasn’t perfect. And to top it of I had problems with shrinkage, only ever had that with SV before.

The picture is my new project, getting up to date with my nail wheels. Am hoping to finish real soon and posting the pictures – just hoping for sun.

Reason for lack of posting

12 Aug

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