Blogging vs life, something has to give…

23 Feb

So in my first weekly goals post I stated that I would have two posts up last week. But no posts came up due to two things: 1) I just made drafts and 2) then got sick and had to care for a sick baby and myself. This is just another example of me not managing to do all I want and something has to give. Unfortunatly last week it was the blog. And then I started work on Monday and I have been shattered when coming home. I was last at work one year ago so it is quite different from the days I’m used to.

I hope this time management issue I have now will resolve itself and that I can manage to continue blogging (as I do think I have readers, and will hopefully get more as I start blogging more).

But I did manage to do two of my three weekly goals, I had a great time (despite sickness) at home with my little girl and I have started my project of updating my nail wheels for a nail wheel post later in spring (need good lighting!).

Have a great day 🙂


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