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NOTD Essie Sew Psyched

23 Jan

One of my favorite polishes of 2010. I found it on the counter at a hairdresser, and having wanted it for a long time I got it. The price was mad, and reminded me of why I seldom buy polishes here when I can get them from overseas.

It is from the fall collection, and part of the new more colorful (meaning less pink and red) road that Essie is taking – I like it. This muted green reminds me of army green. The shimmer is very subtle, so from afar and in this picture you can’t see it. This was my New Years mani, not very festive but it went well with my outfit and I had just bought it and had to try it! It was a very easy to apply, and very saturated – only two coats. Also taken with my iPhone camera, so not the best picture and maybe a bit lighter in the picture than in real life.

Coats: 1 coat OPI Nail Envy, 1 coat Orly Bonder, 2 coats SP, 1 coat Nubar Diamont and OPI Rapid Dry spray.
Light: Inside, Downlight.
Camera: iPhone 4.

I’m in love!

22 Jan

It’s finally mine! 509 was quickly sold out and some stores didn’t get it so I missed out on it. Then my mom found it at Munich airport before christmas. She tried it and decided that it was more my colour than hers. And that is fine by me 🙂
I also found some NOTD pictures while organising my photoes yesterday, so have 3 new posts coming up this week.

NOTD OPI Little Red Wagon

18 Jan

So first mani of the year on the blog is my Christmas mani. My favorite red ever this one, from the Christmas 2009 collection. It is still available, but not part of the core collection. I say it again – I LOVE THIS! It is a very saturated red, this is two coats. I used my iPhone to take this picture, and it turned out ok – but I find that it is very up and down.
This is also one of my Top 20 polish favorites, check out my Top 20 page.

Coats: 1 coat OPI Nail Envy, 1 coat Orly Bonder, 2 coats OPI LRW, 1 coat Nubar Diamont and OPI Rapid Dry spray.
Light: Inside, Downlight.
Camera: iPhone 4.


16 Jan
  • China Glaze Grape Pop
  • Claire’s Periwinkle
  • Depend #058 (Lilac frost with mulicolored glitter)
  • Depend Purple crackle effect #5005
  • Essie Bahama Mama
  • Isadora #801 Black Tag Graffiti Nail Top (crackle effect)
  • Nubar Earth
  • Nubar Teal Glitter
  • OPI Dazzle Me
  • OPI Absolutely Alice
  • OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui
  • OPI Yodel Me On My Cell
  • OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
  • OPI Cuckoo for this Color
  • OPI Glitzerland
  • OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
  • Orly Witch’s Blue
  • Orly OMG
  • Orly Fifty-Four
  • Piggy Polish Wild Side
  • Precision After Dinner Mints
  • RBL Scrangie
  • RBL Drifter
  • Sinful Daddys Girl
  • Zoya Kotori
  • Viva La Diva #109 (Gunmetal grey with microglitter)
  • Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost

I know I keep pushing this list on to you, but just want to see if there is anything my readers would want to see. But if you don’t have any preferences I’ll be fine picking my next mani myself 🙂

As you see there are a lot of changes here from my previous untrieds list. Some have been manis, some pedis, some I’ve liked, some not so much and some are still untried. But I haven’t blogged about all of them. Will try and do better!

My passion for color and fumes :-)

16 Jan
Passion for color and fumes

Passion for color and fumes by akkure on

Somewhat of a non-post I guess, but really wanted to post something tonight and as I have no new swatches at the moment and it is to dark to take a picture of my new purchases I give you this. I like Polyvore but for some reason always feel like a teenager when I’m on it :-/

I am trying to get the blog up and running again, with some posts coming next week and hopefully some swatches. I am really into darker shades at the moment, most likely because it is so dark here – And that means limited daylight for swatching… Untrieds will be up tomorrow and am thinking about adding a page on swapping, as I’m sure we all have lots of polishes that others would appreciate more 🙂