NOTD OPI Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees

27 Jan

From the OPI De Espana winter 09/10 collection. This is actually the only one I bought from the collection, not because it was a boring collection but it just didn’t appeal that much to me.

I said in the Sapphire in the Snow post that I thought this polish is a darker more muted version than the Sapphire… It is darker yes and in the same range (muted, blackish in some light). But its no cousin!
Suzy Skis is very dark and as you can see from my pictures is it nearly impossible to get a picture of it that doesn’t make it look like black… It is not black and not blue, it is a dark bluish charcoal. The pictures in this post are the best ones I could get, my camera does not take good pictures of blues – which is not that convinient as I love blues and have many of them!

Coats: 1 OPI Nail Envy, 1 Orly Bonder, 3 coats OPI SSitP, 1 coat Orly Glosser and 2 drops OPI Drip Dry drops.
Light: Daylight, afternoon sun.

I also started a new routine using new products (see from the post about the TD package). This worked well, but I had some problems with bubbles. Have had very few problems with this before, so am thinking it was something with the products I used:

Really liked the Drip Dry drops, but will try it with a fast dry tc next time – maybe that will help with the bubbles? To be continued…
(The grey little blob in between the Glosser and polish is my husbands African Grey parrot that was interested in what I was doing.)

4 Responses to “NOTD OPI Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees”

  1. Solveig February 2, 2010 at 11:48 #

    Denne er lekker! Allerede på ønskelisten. 🙂

    • akkure February 17, 2010 at 18:27 #

      En av mine favoritter av alle OPI sine, jeg elsker de mørke ikke røde!

  2. Laura February 24, 2010 at 05:05 #

    hi! did you get the nail polishes and base/top coats as part of a package on the website or did you order it individually? thanks for posting, i had never heard of this site!

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