Reason for lack of posting

12 Aug

Hello my readers.

I’m sorry for my lack of posting lately. I am pregnant, 11 weeks, and the smell of polish makes me sick. This is somewhat of a good news bad news situation, am thrilled about my state but a bit sad that all my polishes are just sitting in the Helmer. So till I get over this I will be posting mostly non-NOTD posts.

If anyone want to have their NOTD-pictures on my blog, please let me know. Would love some pictures up here again.

Lots of love.

6 Responses to “Reason for lack of posting”

  1. Lackoholic at 15:55 #

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Must be a little non-polish loving boy in there 😉

    • akkure at 16:05 #

      Thank you! If it is the content of my Helmer will continue to be mine 🙂

  2. nivipa at 03:05 #


  3. Solveig at 09:57 #

    Congratulations! 🙂

  4. Selina at 16:02 #

    Woo-hoo! Congratulations 🙂 And totally sympathise about the smell thing. My first pregnancy the smell of beer and coffee made me vomit, my second pregnancy I found myself purposely sniffing beer and coffee because I loved the smell so much. Crazy!

  5. Lucy at 23:12 #

    I’m so happy for you! Congrats and much love to you. I can understand that the polishes bothers you. I would love even non-polish releated posts. How about some pictures of your Helmer and all of the polishes within? God bless you and the baby.

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