Updated: untrieds list

27 Jun

An updated list of my untried polishes:

  • Misa Toxic Seduction
  • Misa Right Here Now, No More Later
  • Nivea Berry Gloss
  • Nubar Peacock Feathers
  • NYX Jungle
  • Sinful Gorgeous
  • Sinful San Fransisco
  • Sinful Glass Pink
  • Sinful Pearl Harbour
  • Sinful California
  • Sinful Fiji
  • Sinful Aruba Rythm
  • Sinful Coco Diamond
  • Color Club Ultra Violet
  • Color Club 220 Volts
  • Color Club Tangerine Scream
  • China Glaze Vampy
  • China Glaze Spontaneous
  • Orly Plum Noir
  • Orly Velvet Rope (Ordered this twice, feel a contest in the making girls!)
  • Orly Passion Fruit
  • Orly Razzle
  • Orly Big Kahuna
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
  • Essie Greenport
  • Essie Shelter Island
  • OPI Shootout at the O.K Coral
  • OPI Sahara Sapphire
  • OPI Princess Rule
  • OPI A Grape Fit
  • OPI Banana Bandanna

Let me know if there are any you want to see, I am at the moment trying to test the summer colors first – but for you my readers I will of course make an exception 🙂

4 Responses to “Updated: untrieds list”

  1. Lucy at 18:24 #

    If I had to list all my untrieds the list would go on forever. I’d like to see Orly’s Velvet Rope. I don’t have too many of them. I do like them, especially the bottles. I wish everyone would do a cap like their’s.

    • akkure at 10:13 #

      I love Orlys as well, and you get a lot of polish with their big bottles. Will swatch Velvet Rope the coming week.
      My list isn’t very long – but still about 30% of my stash! Will try to swatch/wear all these before I buy any new ones…

  2. Lucy at 14:32 #

    Hi! What’s happened to you? I hope everythings okay and you will start blogging again. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • akkure at 11:28 #

      Hi Lucy. So nice to see a comment from you. I will be back soon, at the moment I’m on vacation and haven’t had much time with swatching. In the meantime check out my competition 🙂

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