NOTD Orly Glam

24 Jun

Orly Glam

Orly Glam

As requested by avroys in the post about untrieds!

Am very sorry about my abscence, but life have once again gotten in the way of the swatching and have had no time to take any pictures or made any posts. Sorry, hope you my readers will be back 🙂

The Orly is an ok polish, like a poor mans option of Ruby Pumps (the ultimate red sparkle). In the bottle the sparkle looks silver, on the nail it becomes red – most likely because the base is red. And I needed 4 coats before it was opaque!

This is the first polish I tried Diamont on, love that it doesn’t pull the polish but I did have some problems with marks in the polish the day after I applied it. Will soon post a comparison post with SV and Diamont, putting them up against each other.

Hope the weather is nice where you are, here in eastern Norway we are having great summer weather at the moment 🙂

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 4 coats Glam, 1 coat Nubar Diamont.

2 Responses to “NOTD Orly Glam”

  1. avroys June 24, 2009 at 21:54 #

    Thank you so very much for swatching my request! I was super excited when I logged on and saw the picture of Orly Glam. Your review is also very helpful, especially the description of the shimmer. Thanks again from South Africa where winter is now hitting us with all its vengeance. We are lucky that we still have lots of sunshine during winter!

    • akkure June 25, 2009 at 11:01 #

      Your very welcome 🙂 Let me know if there are any others you want to see, I’m also going to update the untrieds list soon, have gotten some more… No no-buy for me!

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