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Updated: untrieds list

27 Jun

An updated list of my untried polishes:

  • Misa Toxic Seduction
  • Misa Right Here Now, No More Later
  • Nivea Berry Gloss
  • Nubar Peacock Feathers
  • NYX Jungle
  • Sinful Gorgeous
  • Sinful San Fransisco
  • Sinful Glass Pink
  • Sinful Pearl Harbour
  • Sinful California
  • Sinful Fiji
  • Sinful Aruba Rythm
  • Sinful Coco Diamond
  • Color Club Ultra Violet
  • Color Club 220 Volts
  • Color Club Tangerine Scream
  • China Glaze Vampy
  • China Glaze Spontaneous
  • Orly Plum Noir
  • Orly Velvet Rope (Ordered this twice, feel a contest in the making girls!)
  • Orly Passion Fruit
  • Orly Razzle
  • Orly Big Kahuna
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
  • Essie Greenport
  • Essie Shelter Island
  • OPI Shootout at the O.K Coral
  • OPI Sahara Sapphire
  • OPI Princess Rule
  • OPI A Grape Fit
  • OPI Banana Bandanna

Let me know if there are any you want to see, I am at the moment trying to test the summer colors first – but for you my readers I will of course make an exception 🙂

NOTD OPI Glacier Bay Blues

26 Jun

OPi Glacier Bay Blues

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

Duochromes rock! This particular one is from OPIs Canadian collection (fall 2004) and is gorgeous. It is a blue/green duo and does live up to its name as water from a glacier is green… In the top photos you see the green, the best picture I could get of the ‘duochromeness’ is the bottom one. I need more practice getting these sort of pictures right.

The polish was ok, a bit runny (as most old OPIs are) and therefore somewhat difficult to work with when you are used to the new more gloopy polishes.

Coats: 2 Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 3 GBB and 1 Nubar Diamont.

NOTD Misa Dirty Sexy Money

25 Jun

Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Oh how I love thee DSM 🙂 This is one of my favorites of polishes to come out in 2009, and is in my top 20 of all time! The pictures came out slightly darker than it is in real life. Pictures are taken in overcast weather.
Misa is a great brand, with great wear and the more I try them the more impressed I get.

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 3 DSM and 1 Nubar Diamont.

NOTD Color Club Fashion Addict

24 Jun

Color Club Fashion Addict

Color Club Fashion Addict

A purple holographic, wow! This was part of my first Color Club order. I like this brand, the bottles are nice, they have some great colors and their latest collections are great!

I love the holographic, it is one of my favorite finishes. I can’t say I love this color on me though, it makes me look washed out and just don’t think it is the best look on me. But I am keeping it just because I love the color!

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 2 Fashin Addict, 1 Nubar Diamont.

NOTD Orly Glam

24 Jun

Orly Glam

Orly Glam

As requested by avroys in the post about untrieds!

Am very sorry about my abscence, but life have once again gotten in the way of the swatching and have had no time to take any pictures or made any posts. Sorry, hope you my readers will be back 🙂

The Orly is an ok polish, like a poor mans option of Ruby Pumps (the ultimate red sparkle). In the bottle the sparkle looks silver, on the nail it becomes red – most likely because the base is red. And I needed 4 coats before it was opaque!

This is the first polish I tried Diamont on, love that it doesn’t pull the polish but I did have some problems with marks in the polish the day after I applied it. Will soon post a comparison post with SV and Diamont, putting them up against each other.

Hope the weather is nice where you are, here in eastern Norway we are having great summer weather at the moment 🙂

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 CND Stickey, 4 coats Glam, 1 coat Nubar Diamont.

New OPI Matte collection

8 Jun

Head over to All Laquered Up for swatches of the new OPI Matte collection, 6 of their iconic colors in matte formula. Collection goes on sale in July.

I want Licoln Park after Dark and Russian Navy, what do you want?

NOTD NYC Cognac Sparkle

4 Jun

About a year ago I read a post stating that if you could only own one polish you should own this. I fell in love and immediately put it on my lemming list. It is pretty hard to find (htf) for me in Norway, but I finally got it in a swap. And I love it! it did not disappoint. In some light it looks like an ok brownish-purple. In the sun you can see the awesome glitter/shimmer and it comes to its right. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is my no. 1 polish, but it is definitely in my top 20!

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 coat CND Stickey, 2 coats NYC CS, 1 coat SV