Shopping: Sinful polishes

28 May

Left to right: NYX Jungle, Sinful San Fransisco, Gorgeous, Purple Glitter, Fiji.

L to R: Sinful Pearl Harbor, Aruba Rythm, Glass Pink, California, Coco Diamond

All the polishes are from Cherry Culture and was only $2, cheap and cheerful! Have not tried any yet, my untried list has grown lately and have over 30 I still haven’t tried or swatched 🙂 Will post a list of them later, maybe I have some you want to see?

2 Responses to “Shopping: Sinful polishes”

  1. Lucy at 00:53 #

    Nice selection of Sinful Colors. I have a few of these. I really like them. Nice colors and fantastic price.

    • akkure at 10:35 #

      The best part is that they are only $2. Which means I get a lot of them before going over the tax limit (about $25)!
      And thanks for commenting on my blog, so much more fun blogging when you know you have readers 🙂

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