NOTD N.Y.C. Taxi Yellow Creme

10 May

Spring is here and it’s time for some spring appropriate colors on the blog! Problem with that is that they tend to be more on the sheer side and that is something I’m not that fond of (despite of my large collection of sheers). They leave VNL (visible nail line) and my problem is I am allergic to it!

The polish is a gorgeous pale yellow with shimmer and is my substitute for the gorgeous and US exclusive Chanel Sunrise, and on that note it does its job.  However it is a streaky mess and it took 6 coats to get it to even remotely look ok and to resemble bottle color. It is almost acceptable, but can safely say this is not a polish I will reach for too often.

2 coats Orly Armor, 1 coat CND Stikey, 6 coats of polish, 1 coat SV.


One Response to “NOTD N.Y.C. Taxi Yellow Creme”

  1. Lucy May 21, 2009 at 06:38 #

    Wow that is a load of polish! It’s such a pretty color. I wonder what it is about yellows that they have such application issues? I love all the yellows but haven’t worn any yet. I have loads of polishes that I haven’t worn. That’s what comes from looking at all the gorgeous nails with all the beautiful colors on them. My collection of polish has exploded since I’ve started reading so many blogs.

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